Dugout Bobblehead


Tens of thousands of spectators at the Little League World Series are entertained each year by the Little League Mascot, Dugout. Dugout was created in 1985 by the Disney company and debuted at the Little League World Series that year. Mr. Bo Boyd, a senior executive at the Disney Company and active member of the Little League Foundation Board of Trustees, offered to create the mascot for Little League. Mr. Walt Disney also served on the Little League Foundation Board of Trustees. Disney "Imagineers" used Disney characters Winnie the Pooh and Lady and the Tramp as inspiration in creating Dugout's appearance. For thirty years, children and adults have debated about what animal Dugout is with most believing the famous mascot is a beaver, a gopher, or a chipmunk. No one knows for sure. As if sprung from the hearts and minds of the many who have always known the magic of Little League, Dugout represents the fun, excitement, youthfulness, and that special charm which radiates from every Little Leaguer.

Featured on ESPN Mike & Mike.

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